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A few decades ago, Lead was a common additive in paints and gasoline, pottery glazes, indoor plumbing, among other materials. However, lead poses serious health risks especially with prolonged exposure to materials containing lead. Although there was a ban for use of paints with lead additives in 1978, statistics show that to date, millions of housing units contain significant levels of lead-based paint. At Footings To Finish Inspections, we offer Lead Paint Assessment on all types of multifamily and commercial real estate.

When is a Lead Paint Assessment Needed?

The law requires that house owners disclose a lead-based paint report and its subsequent hazards before renting or selling the property, especially for buildings constructed before 1978. Moreover, lenders need this assessment as part of their due diligence. In some instances, this includes SBA financing and Housing and Urban Development financing.

The assessment report is also necessary prior to renovation or demolition of buildings. This is because these activities may generate lead-based paint dust or disturb lead-based paint. As such, it is important to carry out lead-based paint sampling before commencing these activities.

Lead Health Hazards

Once lead finds its way into our bodies, it has the potential to cause extensive harm. It causes lasting complications such as hypertension and high blood pressure, headaches, low appetite, irritability, and reduced sensation. However, it poses a greater risk to children who are less than six years old. Lead poisoning can cause permanent impairment in children because it interferes with the nervous system and brain processes. This gives rise to behavioral and developmental problems such as aggression, attention issues, and reduced IQ.

The reason why lead poisoning is so dangerous is that it has no visible symptoms since the lead levels slowly build up in the body over time. On the brighter side, we can prevent lead poisoning. Lead from the environment mainly enters our bodies through inhalation of lead-contaminated dust and through hand-to-mouth activities. These hand-to-mouth activities include eating and playing with lead-contaminated soil or old paint chips especially in young children. Sadly, statistics show that about 24 million homes in the United States still have traces of lead-based paint, while lead poisoning in children under the age of six is still a major health concern.

As such, if you rent or own a house built before 1978, or regularly visit an older house or if a relative or friend has some lead poisoning complications, ensure that you not only test your home but also yourself and the rest of the family for harmful levels of lead. Other people who are at high risk of lead poisoning include people purchasing or who own aging real estate, and construction crews performing renovations, repairs, or remodels on older homes.

Types of Lead-Based Paint Testing and Assessments Available at the Best Home Inspection Company in Orlando Florida

At Footings To Finish Inspections, our Lead-based paint assessment services are perfect to our client’s needs and the building characteristics. Our assessment process generally involves testing whether there exist any lead-based paint hazards. We also offer solutions for managing and reducing such hazards. Here are some of our assessment types.

Lead-Based Paint Inspection

We use the XRF testing which has numerous benefits. It allows reading of the results right on the site thus eliminating the need for further laboratory tests, and also eliminates the risk of lead dust generation. Our paint chip testing is OSHA compliant while our Swab testing effectively detects any traces of lead dust.

Lead Risk Assessment

Besides testing, we also carry out an all-inclusive evaluation of potential lead hazards, including lead dust, lead-based paint, lead in soil and/or lead in water.

Lead Clearance Assessment

This is conducted in an area that has been recently renovated, repaired or has undergone an activity likely to disturb the lead-based paint. We employ a combination of quantitative and visual environmental evaluation procedures to establish whether the abatement work has been carried out effectively.

Footings To Finish Inspections offers lead-based paint assessments on all type of multifamily and commercial and real estate. Our team of qualified and experienced consultants is always up-to-date with local, state, and federal certifications and regulations requirements. Professionals that have broad qualifications including EPA Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessor, EPA Certified Lead-Based Paint Inspector, EPA Lead-Based Project Monitor, and local certifications as well. Our major goal is to keep you and your family safe from lead poisoning.

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