Home Inspection Checklist

Are you in the market for a new home? But before you sign any contract and assume ownership for that dream house of yours, it would be important to have it go through a home inspection checklist.

This is to make sure you are purchasing a house that is in good condition. Unless you know how and what to check in a house, it would be best for you to get professional home inspection services just to be on the safe side.

Let an expert inspector go through their own checklist and check all the corners of the house and all the important parts of it so you can have peace of mind when you finally move in. Although not required in most places, this is surely one service you do not want to skip.

Any certified building inspector knows where to look for the common types of defects in any kind of home. He would then note it down and include it in his final report to you. It is common sense that especially with an old house, there are some defects that should be expected whether these are major or minor ones. The inspector would know if the current owner is just patching up these repairs or if these are a hint of something bigger.

These are important things that every home inspection checklist should contain to guide you with your purchase.

1. Asbestos

Asbestos is carcinogenic, meaning it can cause cancer. It can be found in older homes. Your home inspector would check for any traces of it and duly note it down.

For the sake of your family, make sure that the inspector would be looking for this when he visits the house. Federal Pacific has gone bankrupt after being sued by hundreds of people that has gone through house fires resulting from a failure of the electric panel to trip breakers.

Countless of these fires caused deaths. Should you discover a Federal Pacific Panel in a property, immediately have it changed by a licensed electrician.

2. Roofs

If there is one part of the house that truly keeps your family safe from the elements, it would be the roof. As such you must ensure that the roof is in perfect condition.

There should be no leak, no falling parts, nothing that seems to be loose or out of place. Checking the roof is necessary in any residential building inspection service.

A new roof is expensive, so if the home inspector thinks that the roof on a home is “beyond its lifespan”, ask the seller to give you a credit towards this cost.

3. Pests

You definitely would not want to move into a house that has rodents, ants, cockroaches, termites, and other pests thriving in it.

The moment you saw a sign of any of these pests, arrange for the home seller to contact a pest control service immediately.

4. Mold and mildew

One of the worst health hazards would be a house with a case of mold and mildew. And if the inspector sees these, arrange to have the house cleaned up immediately.

Mold and mildew can cause allergic reactions as well as a plethora of illnesses. If the inspector detects mold within structure, get a mold testing specialist to find out:

a) the presence of mold,
b) what kind it is and
c) to what degree it affects the house.

5. Electrical and plumbing

Can you live in a house that has a major plumbing problem?

Can you also live in a house that does not have ample power supply, power outlets or gets short circuits every now and then? Have your home inspector check for any sign of these problems. It is always advisable to familiarize with the type of training which the expert has before signing any agreement contract with him.

Any successful expert will require a basic knowledge concerning construction. Another important factor to put into consideration is the experience which the professional of interest has.

6. Asbestos on Pipes

As asbestos tile flooring isn’t a really huge deal, asbestos insulation on pipes is often a drawback. A lot of people say to just have it encapsulated, but that wouldn’t work in older properties.

As old plumbing demands replacing, many plumbers would not complete the task as long as they must deal with asbestos prior to getting to the pipes. Thus, get a certified contractor get rid of all asbestos before closing, or obtain a credit for the expense to accomplish it, and make sure the work is done while no one (especially children & pets) is home.

7. Failing Boiler or Hot Water Heater

If the home inspector states that any of the chief mechanicals have failed, have the Seller repair/replace them, or at the very least put out a Home Warranty that would permit for the repair/replacement once you possess the home.

Keep in mind, each buyer has an inspection contingency in their purchase contract and will get a hold of the right to execute their home inspection even after reviewing the Seller’s Disclosure (or questionnaire on the home that is filled out by the Seller).

The Seller’s Disclosure provides all identified details about a house; hence, during the Home Inspection, the Buyer ought to particularly look for issues that contradict the Seller’s Disclosure.

If any of the above home inspection items are revealed by the Seller within the disclosure, there’s less probability that any concessions would be made, so make a purchase offer with this details in mind.

To make sure that you are getting only the quality home inspection service, you should contact our building inspectors and check their background especially with their experience in checking homes for safety and standards.

Purchase of any structure can be one of the largest investment any individual can actually purchase in his lifetime. In reality, the cost of purchasing any given structure are not actually cheap at any stretch of mind’s eye.

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